Creating A Good Experience With An Escort

When it comes to intimate matters nobody can claim to satisfy his partner in bed, unless the partner herself attests to it. Making a woman’s sexual pleasure go over the roof requires that you perform a combination of sexual “tricks and styles” while with her. One needs to control their physical power and use it to their advantage to satisfy ‘their’ women; this was the case with Peter, a 23-year old innocent college student in one of the local universities in the UK. Having little experience with women, Peter could hardly convince a woman to spend time with him, let alone spending a night at his preferred place. Out of curiosity Peter opted to go for a commercial woman, and in this case, an open-minded escort.

Peter had never had a serious relationship with a woman before. Being a staunch movie and series lover, he always wanted to have a woman who could enjoy his passion as well as intimate sessions. Peter, like most guys in the movies when it comes to their conduct while in the company of a woman, likes to be himself and play cool. He had always vowed to do the things he always saw happen in movies that make a woman speak in tongues and become helpless; helpless for a good reason of course.

Despite his inexperience with women, Peter knew one thing very well; the importance of understanding his escort. Before meeting his escort Lillian, Peter had several chats with her. As a result, he could understand the likes and dislikes of his escort. Lillian was a fan of talking dirty, and so is what Peter provided.

Like many women, having an intimate session is viewed as a process and not an event. Lillian had indicated during their chats, how she liked the men who prepare her fully before mounting her honey pot. So, Peter knew well that comprehensive foreplay would do wonders before moving in.

In his foreplay, Peter gave Lillian a passionate kiss accompanied by sweet words whispered into her ears. He let Lillian control the rhythm of everything they did. Other than the kiss, Peter was afraid to venture into areas he never knew before; oral sex. After a thorough boob job, Peter kept moving his mouth down, and this time he landed his tongue below Lillian’s belt. His tongue freely interacted with Lillian’s clitoris. The back and forth actions made Lillian dampen their sheets.

As if oral sex was not enough, when Peter went for the real thing, Lillian’s head would literally be said to be in the clouds, probably cloud 9. Peter hypothetically knew a woman’s sex secret; be the driver but let her be your director. With his stiff and well curved and muscular penis, Peter could hit points that not even Lillian can recall. From Lillian’s reaction, Peter could tell if Lillian was enjoying the ride, and where necessary, Peter could change a tune to Lillian’s satisfaction. Lillian being an expert in this sector, she could take different positions while in the act. Some of the positions allowed Peter to make a deep penetration into her thus satisfying her penetration urge. While in one of the most common styles; Missionary, Peter could still kiss Lillian, and lightly bite and “suckle” her ears. He could also do the same to her neck. The night out was so enjoyable that Lillian requested a rematch on a later date. Long after Peter completed his college studies, Lillian could still remember him as a great guy, whom she can count on for a great sex experience.

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